Giving to Boston Sports Medicine 
and Research Institute

Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute is recognized nationally and internationally as a leading center for the care of patients who experience sports-related injuries and other musculoskeletal problems. Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute provides state-of-the-art care for people of all ages and abilities—whether you are a professional athlete or simply enjoy an active lifestyle. By employing the latest imaging and minimally invasive technologies, advanced bioengineering methods and regenerative medicine techniques, Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute physician-scientists are reshaping the landscape of sports injury prevention and treatment.

Combining unparalleled clinical expertise with innovative research, the Sports Medicine team is constantly seeking better ways of diagnosing, treating, rehabilitating and preventing the full spectrum of sports injuries and sports-related illnesses. Current research initiatives focus on joint preservation techniques in order to avoid knee replacements, as well as techniques that will optimize the success of ligament reconstruction surgery. Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute is committed to expanding and enhancing sports medicine research, training and clinical services to help even more patients and their families in the generations to come.

You Can Make a Difference

Loyal donors to Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute share the dedication to helping people of all ages and activities achieve their maximum potential. When you donate financial support, time or talents to the Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute, you are making a significant contribution to advancing the prevention and treatment of sports-related illnesses and arthritis at the hospital.



The support of people committed to furthering the care of athletes at all levels of activity makes great things possible at Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute. Your tax-deductible gift will help fund programs that propel new ideas from the laboratory and clinic onto the playing field and into the training room.

Outright Gifts

Making an outright gift to Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute allows your donation to be put directly to use to provide outstanding patient care, educate future generations of physicians and conduct innovative research in the field of sports medicine. A gift of cash is the most common and convenient method of donating to Boston Sports Medicine. However, you may also choose to make an outright gift through a donation of appreciated securities, closely held stock or another financial vehicle.

It’s easy to make a secure donation. If you wish to contribute by check, please make your check payable to Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute, and mail it to:

Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute
40 Allied Drive, Suite 110
Dedham, MA 02026

Matching Gifts

Many companies match charitable gifts made by their employees, retirees and directors. Please consult your company’s Human Resources department to learn how your workplace matches charitable contributions to hospitals, and how you might be able to increase the value of your individual donation in this way.

Tribute Gifts

A gift to Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute  is a meaningful and enduring gesture to remember a loved one, honor a friend or family member or thank an outstanding caregiver.

Planned Giving and Bequests

Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute offers donors a number of options for making a considerable gift – one that also offers the donor significant benefits. If you are interested in making this type of donation, you may wish to make a planned gift by:

  • Remembering Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute in your will.
  • Establishing a charitable remainder trust or gift annuity, which will enable you to receive an income throughout the duration of your life and/or the life of your beneficiary.
  • Naming Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute as a beneficiary on your retirement account or life insurance policy.
  • Donating personal property such as stocks, bonds, or real estate


Endowed Funds

You may also support Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute by creating an endowed fund, forging a permanent bond between yourself and the hospital. Endowed funds are carefully managed for growth and are preserved forever. They provide crucial annual income to an area of the hospital selected by the donor, whose gift forms a legacy that will protect the mission of Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute – as well as lend urgently needed support to caregivers in individual departments throughout the hospital. Endowed funds may also serve as distinguished tributes to loved ones by bearing their names.

A minimum of $25,000 is required to establish an endowed fund.

Special Events

Hosting a special event is a unique way to raise money for the Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute. If you are interested in organizing a fundraising event to help patients with sports-related illnesses, please call:

Dr. Thomas J. Gill
Tel: 781-251-3535
Fax: 781-251-3532


Whether your goal is to educate and spread awareness about the importance of exercise, to organize special events and raise much-needed funds or to lend a listening ear to patients, Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute welcomes your personal involvement.

If you would like to learn more about supporting Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute, please contact:

Thomas J. Gill, MD
Tel: 781-251-3535
Fax: 781-251-3532