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Dr. Gill named "Top Orthopedic Surgeon" by Boston Magazine 2017

Dr. Gill and Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute named to "Boston's Top Doctors" by Boston Magazine 2017

Dr. Gill on The Today Show: "What's the best workout to burn holiday calories?"

After ringing in the new year with pizza, wings and dip, you may be sitting at home thinking about the best way to lose those holiday pounds. Should you spend the money to join a gym, attend a spin class or just go outside for a run?

Gizmodo highlights new technology at Boston Sports Medicine

Gizmodo, the leading website for review of new technologies, presents this review of VisionScope, an innovative technology that has changed the way that many orthopedic surgeons practice. Dr. Gill has helped to develop the device, and the author of this review is one of his patients.

Dr. Thomas Gill: Mankins one of the toughest

Tom E. Curran welcomed a new guest to the Quick Slants set on Friday night: Former Patriots team doctor Thomas Gill. Who better to give insight on how the medical side of things are organized in an NFL locker room?

Dr. Thomas Gill named to "70 Best Knee Surgeons in America"

Physicians were polled to name the top knee surgeons in America. Surgeons were selected based upon major awards, recognition by national societies, and patient satisfaction.

Concussions in High School Student Athletes

Dr. Thomas Gill and his co-authors Dr. Ben Heyworth and Kaitlin Carroll have their research study on concussions in high school athletes accepted for podium presentation at the 2014 American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine in Seattle, WA. The study is one of the first to highlight not only the recommended treatment and return to play criteria for high school athletes with concussions, but also the need for academic accommodations while the patient is recovering. The stress of academic studies and mental exertion can have a negative impact on patients with concussions, just as physical exertion can. Criteria for safe return to both sports and classes are presented.

Dr. Thomas Gill named "DePalma Orator"

Dr. Thomas Gill was named the "DePalma Orator" and graduation speaker for Thomas Jefferson University Department of Orthopedic Surgery commencement ceremonies. The title of his lecture was "Being a Team Physician".

Best of Boston 2013

Dr. Thomas Gill of Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute is selected among "Best Sports Medicine Specialists in Boston" by Boston Magazine.

Athletes turn into avatars at new sports performance center

When you walk into the Mass General Orthopaedics Sports Performance Center, it may look like a 3-D film studio. But it's actually the new frontier in sports performance.

How to Treat and Prevent Arthritis

For those of you who want to learn how to treat and prevent arthritis, I have brought in the best for this show - Dr. Thomas Gill.

Is 155 Pitches Too Many?

Tuesday afternoon, Barnstable High senior righthander Willie Nastasi went the distance in a 3-1 win over Taunton, striking out a career-high 16 batters in nine innings while allowing just three hits.

Experts separate Tommy John surgery fact and fiction

Can a pitcher tear his ulnar collateral ligament on one pitch? Is it true that Tommy John surgery to replace the ligament can make you a better pitcher? Two experts on Tommy John surgery — Dr. Luke Oh and Dr. Thomas Gill — talked about myths and realities of the procedure in separate interviews with The Eagle-Tribune.

Gill Connects with All of His Patients

Gill is accustomed to having Red Sox and Patriots and Bruins stop by his office, often without announcement and often during a consultation with a “regular’’ patient, medical research, or the thousand other things that occupy his time. Gill connects with all his patients, and he’s as competitive as the team he treats on the field.

Athletes in New England Turn to Dr. Gill

If you are a professional athlete in New England, chances are you have seen Dr. Thomas Gill.